I got an email saying my employee's lifecycle state changed. What should I do?

Version 10

    The administrator of your IdentityNow site might have configured your system to notify you when an employee's lifecycle state changes. Lifecycle states are how IdentityNow tracks the way an employee's employment status might change throughout your. In most cases, when you receive this email, no action is required on your part unless you need to complete business processes specific to your company.


    When a new employee is first hired, they could be in a pre-hire state for a while before they officially begin working and become active. Some employees might go on medical leave for a while and return, and others will retire or be terminated. In each of these states, the employee needs different permissions within your system as well as access to different systems and applications. IdentityNow adds and removes that access using lifecycle states.


    If you have certification responsibilities within IdentityNow, you must certify or revoke this user's access during the certification process. If you are not sure what access an employee gains or loses when they change lifecycle states, speak with your administrator so that you know what your employee should and should not be able to access.


    If you think you received this email in error, please contact your administrator.


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