File Access Manager Maintenance Guide

File Access Manager Maintenance Guide

This guide covers the procedures to follow for maintaining a healthy File Access Manager environment. It discusses installing, moving, and uninstalling File Access Manager services, as well as some common maintenance operations such as starting and stopping services, and pruning data. In many cases, troubleshooting information is included with information about maintaining the service.

A note about product names and versions: File Access Manager was previously known as SecurityIQ. Certain items in this document may still refer to SecurityIQ as not all service names within the product have been updated. In general, the instructions in this guide apply to File Access Manager v 8.0, SecurityIQ v6.1, and SecurityIQ v6.0

You can also reference the relevant product documentation for more information on many of the procedures discussed here.

This guide is organized by topic, so you can quickly and easily navigate directly to the information you need:

File Access Manager Component Overview

Maintaining the File Access Manager Database

Maintaining Core Services in File Access Manager

Maintaining the Event Manager in File Access Manager

Maintaining Central Permissions Collection and Central Data Classification Engines

Maintaining Permissions Collection and Data Classification Collector Agents

Maintaining RabbitMQ in File Access Manager

Maintaining Elasticsearch in File Access Manager

Maintaining Activity Monitors (BAMs) in File Access Manager

Stopping and Starting Services in File Access Manager

Setting Up Activity Monitoring Exclusions in File Access Manager

Optimizing Activity Monitoring in File Access Manager

Pruning Activities from File Access Manager

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