How To: Create or Review a Request

How To: Create or Review a Request


Under the Services tab in the main menu, customers and partners can see Create A Request and Review Requests.

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Create a Request

Click on Create a Request to raise a case/open a ticket. Please note that the ticket screen may not work or display properly on Internet Explorer. 

Form exampleForm example

The fields that appear on the form are dependent upon what you select under Request Type.

Some of the forms availableSome of the forms available

Write out as much information as possible. The Submit button becomes active once the required fields are filled out. 

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After clicking submit, you will see the Ticket Detail on the case confirmation screen.

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Create a Request on behalf of a Customer

  1. Navigate to Services > Create a Request.
  2. Select the type of request you would like to open.
  3. Complete the request form and provide the customer name in the appropriate field.


Review a Request

View Tickets by going to Services > Review Requests.

My Tickets is the default view for this page, which shows your tickets. Switch to Org Tickets to view tickets from the organization, only if Elevated Access has been enabled for the organization.

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Clicking on a ticket from this list takes you to Ticket Detail where you can view activity, post a comment, and upload files.

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Respond to a Request

You can respond via the email you received from our support system, or you can do the following:

  1. Navigate to Services > Review Requests.
  2. Locate the ticket number you would like to respond to. Please note tickets are in the order in which they were last updated.
  3. Scroll down to Post a Comment.


Important Notes

Additional filter functionality and sorting are not available at this time. If your case resulted in something that needed a fix, your ETN number will be viewable on the Ticket Detail screen.

Don’t worry! Your file is being uploaded. There is no confirmation message, and you cannot access the uploaded file in the ticket.

The Compass team is aware of these issues and will continue to work towards a feature rich ticketing system.


Learn more about Working with Services and Working with Support. 



What can't I see the Services tab or an option to Create a Request? 

Your permissions may be incorrect. Please email us at


Do I need special permissions to create a request?

All you need is an active Compass account in order to create a request. 


Why can't I create a ticket?

Make sure you are using Compass to create and review requests. Horizon is no longer active. Confirm that you are not using Internet Explorer. If you do not see the Services Tab or the option to Create a Request, your permissions may be incorrect. Contact us at to troubleshoot. 


Why can't I see My Org tickets?

Your organization may not have Elevated Access enabled. If you had Elevated Access in Horizon, but not in Compass, please request for it to be re-enabled at 


What is Elevated Access?

Elevated Access allows users to see any ticket opened by any other user in their organization. This is a powerful permission that can be requested by the appropriate person from your organization, like a manager, supervisor or director. Elevated Access can be granted at the individual or organizational level. If you are interested in enabling this feature, send your questions to 


What happened to Horizon?

Horizon is no longer active. Services and Support are handled in Compass now. 


Why can't I see cases opened prior to January 1, 2018?

Requests opened from January 1, 2018 - now have been migrated to Compass. If you would like a list of your past tickets, please contact your Customer Success Manager or Support.


Who do I contact if I have any problems creating or reviewing requests?


Where can one go to view all the previous ETN's with resolutions?

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